Case Study: Aperture Card Scanning



A large energy company was paying monthly storage fees to store their aperture cards that they were legally required to keep in a climate-controlled storage location. They were looking for ways to save costs but also be able to retrieve the cards quickly, if required.



Recordsforce was able to digitize their existing inventory of over 100,000 aperture cards. We started by scanning their cards with our high-speed aperture card scanner and converted the physical cards into high quality digital images. We then reviewed the images to ensure the images being delivered were the highest quality. Lastly, we delivered the digital images via an encrypted thumb drive. 



The energy company no longer needed to pay their expensive monthly cost of storing their aperture cards and were able to quickly and efficiently access their aperture cards with the click of a button when needed. Additional results included:


  • Save time by getting instant access to critical data 
  • Instantly view, print, email, distribute or store the digitized cards
  • Easily share data with controlled access