Case Study: Document Custodial Services


A non-profit organization was going out of business but was legally required to obtain their corporate records for seven years. Their records contained over 15,000 files and they did not have a space to physically store these documents or the means to pay to keep them in a storage facility.


The non-profit organization reached out to Recordsforce to help digitize their corporate records. We physically prepped the documents and then scanned them with our high-speed scanners. Then, each file needed to be indexed by the file type and then specific information on each file depending on the type of file. For example, for Human Resource documents, the names and DOBs of employees were indexed and for Accounts Payable documents, the invoice number and date were indexed. The data and images were then fully reviewed for accuracy. Recordsforce hosts their files for the seven years as required and provides access when needed. After the legal requirement of keeping the records for seven years has passed, we will delete the archive of documents. 


The non-profit organization is now staying legally compliant by keeping their corporate records, but without the added costs of storage. If requested, they are able to provide access to any of the digitized documents with the click of a button. It has saved them time, money, office space and completely eliminated the risk of becoming uncompliant. The documents are now safe and securely digitized, which also eliminated the risk of the documents being damaged from a natural disaster.