Case Study: Human Resource Enrollment Automation



A large union was looking to digitize their monthly enrollment packages. They were tying up internal resources to scan each package and enter the needed data into their system themselves each month, when they were already understaffed. They needed a way to access their documents  quickly and efficiently, without needing a team of people spending hours scanning documents. 


Recordsforce was able to digitize their backlog, as well as continue to digitize their monthly enrollment packages and upload the images and data to their system. These steps included:


  1.  Picking up and returning of the physical files in secure containers
  2. Scanning of records into high quality digital images
  3. Extracting the required data off of each document
  4. Quality reviewing data and images
  5.  Output and delivery to the union's system

        Digitizing the union's monthly enrollment packages for them has allowed staff to focus on the tasks at hand rather than spending hours scanning documents and entering data. They are able to save company time and money, while also making their retrieval process much easier and smoother.