Case Study: Global Manufacturing


A global manufacturer of defibrillators and AEDs was experiencing issues with filing and retrieving their Device History Records (DHRs). They had large amounts of these documents stored in a separate wring of their building and the current process made it difficult for the team to retrieve them when needed. 


The solution was to digitize the DHRs and make them available through the cloud. To be able to retrieve the DHRs when they were being called upon by their manufacturers, such as for an audit, it was important to digitize these documents for quick and easy access. 

Recordsforce received the documents to their secure facility in Portsmouth, NH, and prepared them for digitization by removing staples and discarding any unwanted pages. The documents were then all scanned by our high-speed scanners, key data was extracted off the documents, such as lot number, and then they were QC’d by our team.

The DHRs were then uploaded to docMgt, a cloud hosted management system offered by Recordsforce. Since each DHR was indexed, this allows each document to be searched and retrieved quickly and improved their process considerably.


Recordsforce was able to resolve the manufacturer's challenges and concerns by digitizing their DHRs and opening up space in their office. Along with this, the manufacturer was able to streamline its retrieval process, and are now able to find the information they need at the click of a button. This saved them a considerable amount of time and money.