Case Study: Insurance Services



A leading insurance company was in need of a modern and more automated way of managing their Selection Form process. Previous to Recordsforce, they were using staff members to collect and sort all incoming Selection Forms and manually processing the responses. Not only was this a time-consuming process that was driving up labor costs, but was also putting the organization at risk for lost or misplaced forms. 



The solution for this particular challenge was to modernize their Selection Form process. Recordsforce automated this process by collecting the Selection Forms on the front end, sorting and preparing them for scanning, digitizing the forms, and extracting data from each automatically based on the requested business rules of the insurance provider, such as option selections and member ID's. Once the data and images were quality reviewed for accuracy, they were uploaded directly onto their servers for their internal team to manage.



Their team can now focus on their business without tying up internal resources to perform scanning and data entry off each selection form. In turn, this reduced their labor costs and are now able to find the information they need at the touch of a button.  Additional benefits of outsourcing to Recordsforce include:

  • Keeping sensitive & confidential information safe and secure 
  • Enabling secure digital access to stored forms from anywhere
  • Ensuring disaster prevention and recovery
  • Data is easily shared amongst their team without compromising security