Case Study: International Cars, LTD


International Cars, LTD is an employee-owned company comprised of seven auto dealership locations in Massachusetts and New Hampshire.  They were experiencing issues with storage space and retention for their boxes of deal files and repair orders. The current process made it difficult for the team to retrieve documents for clients when needed, and every year new boxes of old deal files would pile up in the office to make room in their file cabinets for the new ones.  They did not have an efficient process in place to store their old deal files, share information, and manage this process for the future so they sought out a solution.



The solution was two fold, the first step was to digitize their backlog of boxes containing repair orders. These were important to have digitized and easier access to as they were often called upon by their manufacturers performing an audit of their warranty repairs.  Recordsforce received the documents to their facility in Portsmouth, NH, and prepared them for digitization by removing staples and discarding any unwanted pages. The documents were all scanned by our high-speed scanners and QC’d by our team. International Cars’ team was able to access their documents through the cloud hosted content management system, DocMgt, where each file was indexed by a previously described nomenclature to allow each file to be searchable and improve retention time considerably.


The second step regarded their deal files.  Scanning every 100 page deal file was not necessarily the perfect solution, so as an alternative Recordsforce offered storage of the boxes and implemented a scan on demand program.  In the scan on demand program the boxes are collected and stored at Recordsforce SSAE-18 compliant facility, as they come in the files are indexed based on buyer name and date of sale, and International Cars can retain any file on call at any time.  On top of freeing space, and a lower cost to store the boxes, International Cars was now able to have their deal files scanned and delivered through the cloud using DocMgt on an as needed basis.   



Recordsforce was able to resolve the dealership’s challenges and concerns by digitizing their old files, opening up space in their office and building a day forward plan. Along with this, the dealership was able to streamline its retrieval process, and are now able to find the information they need at the click of a button. They no longer need to worry about the security of their client’s personal information or the fear of failing a warranty audit thanks to the cloud solution.


Furthermore, the DocMgt system gave them the ease of secure access, with passwords and encryption to their data mitigating the risk of losing important information. This partnership allows the dealership to continuously digitize their files and never lose office space or peace of mind again.