Case Study: Lab Notebooks


A pharmaceutical company was concerned about their intellectual property and wanted a way to keep their notebooks safe and also be able to access them easily and efficiently. After exploring various options for how best to do this, the company chose to outsource the digitization process of their lab notebooks to Recordsforce.



The first step was to ship their lab notebooks to our SSAE-18 SOC 1 Type II compliant scanning facility. The process from there was as follows:

  1. Recordsforce checked in their notebooks into their unique PACE system, which allowed the company to see real-time status updates of their lab notebooks and track their records as they progress through the process.
  2. Their lab notebooks were then prepared to be digitized by reviewing and cleaning paper in the notebooks, as well as removing any staples, moving sticky notes, taping down smaller documents and handling documents in accordance with FDA CFR 21 Part 11 if any document needs to be altered in order to digitize.
  3. Next, the lab notebooks were scanned through their high-speed Atiz book scanning machines, and QC’d by Recordsforce technicians for the best resolution and clarity of the images.
  4. When the documents were ready for data capture, they were then indexed through manual keying or automated data recognition in our specialized data capture software, and again the work was QC’d to make sure they were complete and processed accurately.
  5. Lastly, they were exported out of Recordsforce’s data capture software and then placed on a password-secured thumb drive to be delivered back to the owners of the notebooks.

Once the digital files were received, the pharmaceutical company was able to run their operations more smoothly and effectively. They saved on resources, such as time, by not having to spend time digging for a specific lab notebook, thumbing through certain sections of the notebooks, as well as giving them secure access to the notebooks at any time. 


Thanks to Recordsforce, our customer was able to put their minds at ease and was provided the quality and security they were looking for. Digitizing their lab notebooks not only eliminated their concern of intellectual property loss, but also allowed for the ability of those notebooks to be used more easily and efficiently through legibility and ability to be easily searched. 

Additional outcomes from the lab notebook company’s partnership with Recordsforce included:

  • Streamlined organizational process
  • Customized solutions
  • Saved Office Space
  • Data Security