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This estimating tool is provided courtesy of Recordsforce, one of the few FDA compliant lab notebook scanning service providers in the United States. If you want the highest quality, most accurate digital version of your notebooks, you are just a few minutes from understanding what your project will take to complete!

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Did you know?

Recordsforce's CEO, Bill Becker, is trained and certified in CFR 21 Part 11, the FDA regulation governing the use and creation of digital records. Why? Recordsforce understands how critical it is to the FDA that your records comply with their standards. We are your partner!

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Managing your lab notebooks is more than a one time scanning event! Send us your new books quarterly or annually as you complete them and we'll update your archives with your new content! We can also provide customized services with a simple phone call to discuss your unique requirements.

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File Format

Do you know if you want TIFs or PDFs? Do you want the books transmitted to you securely or delivered on an encrypted thumb drive? These options don't effect your estimate, but if you decide to move forward with your project, we'll have a few follow up questions like these to get the details we need to complete your statement of work.

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Thank you for completing the questions! Click "Get Your Estimate" to get your customized lab notebook scanning quote! Recordsforce has created a simple tool to show you about what your project will cost. Actual billing is based on the actual number of books and pages scanned during the project. We hope that we can be your lab notebook conversion partner!

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