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This estimating tool will assist you in creating your own custom solution and estimate without the need for sales representatives visiting your office to look at your files. We teach you everything you need to know about how to estimate your job right here on our website. Feel free to create multiple quotes with variations to see which solution fits your budget and your requirements the best!

When you are done, you’ll have a summary of your project and a cost estimate to help you plan your next scanning project!

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This page helps establish how many images or sides of pieces of paper you have. We use this as part of the estimate for document preparation and scanning. Getting your answers as close as possible will make your estimate more accurate.

Recordsforce bills for its services based on actual counts, not on estimated numbers.

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In 1.2 cubic foot boxes In 2 foot boxes In files that are in file cabinets In files that are on shelves

Did you know?

Recordsforce has been providing document scanning and cloud based hosting solutions in New England since 2001. We’ve been named one of the top family owned companies in New Hampshire by NH Business Magazine multiple times. In 2019 the company recycled enough paper to avoid cutting down 200 acres of forest!

On this page, we finish estimating the number of images you have and estimate the number of total files you have.

Estimating the number of files is important to understand the effort and cost for Recordsforce to extract key data from your files for later search and organization purposes. Since the extraction typically happens at the file level, understanding how many files you have will help us understand the effort and cost to perform your data capture for this estimate.

Go through a couple boxes or filing cabinets, count how many files are in each and then create an average of the boxes you sampled.

Teaching Note: Typically, when we go to a client’s office to perform and estimate, we will make sure that the average number of files per box is consistent over time and to make sure there aren’t different kinds of files that have different sources of documentation in the collection we are estimating. For instance, client files for two divisions of the same company could have very different compositions of documentation and could be longer or shorter as a result. They should be estimated using two different quotes since their average page length and quality of the records may differ which both can affect your estimate.

The quote estimator only handles jobs that have indexing at the record level. If you require data capture from documents inside of records, and those documents have different field requirements, we will need to create a custom quote for you.

For instance, when processing financial aid documents, we might process a 1040, W2, 1099 and tax schedules that each have their own unique data capture requirements. Recordsforce specializes in complex projects like this but we need to discuss your needs to provide an estimate for these more complex solutions!

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How Much Paper Do You Have?

Keep it Going!

Understanding the condition of your files is important to estimate the effort to get them ready to run through our high speed scanners or our other specialized scanning equipment. Describing your files accurately will help you receive a quote that is as close to your actual cost as possible. Be honest! We won’t tell anyone!

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Clean Docs Folders Messy

Delivery Format

Search data is often a common part of an imaging project. Our clients often have Recordsforce locate and extract key field information from their documents as part of our service. There are a lot of options and it's hard to capture them all in a simple wizard like this one. If you have additional data capture requirements that this form does not contain, please let us know and we can create a custom solution just for you.

You may want PDF’s that are named based on information on your files, you may want those PDF’s to be fully text searchable, or you may want images and data ready for import into your own system. Just identify the fields, provide the import format to our team and when we finish your project, you’ll receive images and data just the way you need them!

OCR text data is created when the computer reads the image of your document and attempts to convert it back into a text file. It’s not 100% accurate, but it helps aid finding keywords in your documents and makes searching a lot easier.

Delivery time for project completion can vary depending on the volume of work, the quality of the original documents, our production schedule and your requirements. Once you have your estimate, our team will work with you to schedule the pick up and get started!

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Data Capture Requirements
Named files Named files plus a label based on a value in the document Fields indexed, ready for batch import
Yes No
Yes No

Data Extraction and Indexing Requirements

Recordsforce can capture any data off any document. All we need to know is what you want and where to find it! This wizard provides a few of the options available, but not all possible options. If you have requirements that can not be captured by our estimator wizard, give us a call and we can create a custom quote for you quickly without having to come to your office!

Extracted data fields can be used to support searching in an Electronic Content Management system like Recordsforce’s DocMgt system. If you are planning on importing your digitized documents into a storage system, consider the fields that will help you search for and organize your records. Fields like Document Date can help you manage retention and Client Name can you help sort files and quickly find everything related to one customer.

Alternatively, documents named based on key field information can easily be put into a Windows folder on your network for access and storage. Using Windows’ built in search feature allows you to quickly find the files you are looking for. Just remember that Windows doesn’t support having two files with the same name in the same directory. Be careful not to accidentally overwrite one file with another!

Don’t need Recordsforce to do anything but scan the documents and deliver digital images to you? No problem! We do that too.

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Pick all of the values you require for indexing. For more information about indexing, see the panel on the left.

First Name Last Name Full Name Date
City State Zip Address 1 Address 2
Phone Email
Invoice # Order # PO # Dollar Amount SSN NID Tax ID Tax Amount Due Date Received Date Order Date Check Number Voucher ID

Delivery Your Way

Delivery Options

We have 3 primary delivery options:

Cloud Based Hosting, which is the easiest and fastest way for you to start managing your digital files. To learn more about DocMgt, our cloud based document hosting service, click here.

SFTP is completely secure and easy to set up. If you have an SFTP server we can send the files to you. If not, you can download a free SFTP client and download the files securely from our servers.

An encrypted thumb drive is exactly what it sounds like. Only supported up to 2TB. We recommend having a back-up created either by us or your IT department immediately upon receipt of the device.

File Return/Shredding/Storage/Reassembly Options

Have your files returned, have them stored in our climate controlled fire protected warehouse for a few months and then securely shredded or have them stored for years. Recordsforce can manage any method of file disposition after your project is complete.

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Deliver via SFTP Deliver on a thumb drive Delivered to the DogMgt cloud storage option
Files returned reassembled to pre-scanning state Files returned in boxes in the order they were processed, but not reassembled Store for 3 months and then shred Store until destruction date
Yes No
Yes No

The Price is Right

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Thank you for completing our estimator wizard. The wizard is meant to provide you with a customized solution and estimate that represents a very close approximation of what your project would cost with Recordsforce. We bill based on actual volumes, and some estimates require change once a deeper planning conversation has occurred, so this estimate is not a guarantee of a final price.

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Tell us a little about yourself so we can customize your estimate

Thanks for completing your estimate!

Based on your submission you have 0 linear feet of files containing 0 files.

The described condition of your files is estimated to produce 0 images per linear foot of records resulting in a total image count of 0 images. The way your files are organized and their described condition will take our document preparation team approximately 0 hours to get your job ready for scanning. The document preparation cost is estimated to be 0.

Based on your total image count, your scanning is estimated to cost 0.

Indexing includes the fields NA and contain 0 characters per file to index. With 0 files, your estimated cost to index this job is 0.

You selected an option which NA will have a cost of 0 based on your 0 images.

You elected to receive your files NA and you have NAselected a back up for this project.

At the end of this project your records will be NA at a cost of 0 per year.

Your total estimated cost for this project based on the options you’ve selected is 0

IMPORTANT NOTE: because you chose features that require customization, such as custom indexing fields or delivery, your quote will require some additional information. In order to finalize your estimate, we'll need a few more details that are more easily communicated via the phone or email.